Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Wedding!

Hey guys!

I just had the time of my life! I just came back from the wedding. So the ceremony was kind of boring, due to the fact that most of it was in Chinese. But there were a few jokes that I got. Then, the banquet hall was pretty fun. The food was yummy (most of it), and I had a good time with my friend. A couple slow dances happened. The most fun part was at the end. Party songs came on, and I danced so much! Slowly and unsure at first, but I quickly warmed up when everyone else joined in. My feet are really sore right now. All I want to do is lie back and watch TV, but I have a paper due this Tuesday! Oh, well. I'll find a way.

Look at the post "A Wedding" to see the fun fact.

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