Monday, October 28, 2013


Happy Halloween!!!

Hello readers! Halloween is coming up! I think that the best part about Halloween is dressing up. I'm going to be a cowgirl. I've got this really cute hat and for the outfit, I have a shirt and some jeans and boots! I also love all the candy!
What are you going to be for Halloween? Do you like dressing up and getting candy, too? Answer these questions down below in the comments section. Thanks for your time!

Happy Trick-or-Treating!
Tween Blogger

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tips on Staying Calm


It's Tween Blogger again. Have you ever gotten really nervous, so much that you can hardly think straight? Yeah, me too. Having played the piano for so long, I've done quite a bit of tests and recitals. I learned how to take care of these emotions. Here's how:

  1. Take deep breaths. Trust me, it helps.
  2. When you are actually doing it, concentrate. Clear your mind and focus.
  3. Have fun! I mean, you wouldn't be doing it unless you like it, right?
  4. If you mess up, don't panic. Just keep going and act like nothing has happened.
  5. Do your best! That's all that matters!
Try tips these the next time you're going to perform or something like that. Then tell me how they worked out for you in the comments section below!

Good luck!
Tween Blogger

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Book Review

Hi Readers!

This is Tween Blogger, and I've got another book review! You know, reading is good for you. You never know what you might find that's interesting. Anyway, this book is called A Corner of White. It's by Jaclyn Moriarty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! So, a girl named Madeleine finds a message portal sorta thing. She's in Cambridge, BTW. The portal thing is only big enough for letters, and she starts to send letters to this guy named Elliot. Now, he's in the magical Kingdom of Cello. It's like two different worlds in contact. His portal hole is the inside of a broken TV (Kingdom of Cello is not fairy wings and wands, there's just a lot of things. Just read the book.) and Madeleine's is a broken parking meter. They switch letters, and they give each other advice. Never seeing each other. But they each have their own love life. There's a little bit of teenage romance. Take a look at this AWESOME book!

Thanks for tuning in!
Tween Blogger

Monday, October 7, 2013

So Cute!

Hello Again!

It's Tween Blogger here. I was just surfing on Google Images and I found this adorable picture. A baby sleeping with three pups! I wonder how the parents reacted!
Well, that's it for now. Tell me what you think of the pic!

So Long!
Tween Blogger

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun Game

Happy Thursday!

Hi readers. Today I have a game that my teacher told me and my class about. It's really fun!

Zoom, Eek.

How to play:
Get in a big circle, arms length apart.
Say Zoom over your right shoulder and Eek over your left shoulder. Practice.
Choose one person to start.
 Say Zoom around in the circle so that everybody gets a chance to say it.
Then say Zoom or Eek!

How to get out:
Don't take too long to decide which one you want to say. This is a quick game.
Say Zoom or Eek over the wrong shoulder, you're out.
Switch Zoom to Eek or vice versa three times in a row and you'll be out.

The more people, the more fun! Try this game, then tell me the results in the comments section!

Have Fun!
Tween Blogger