Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fun Game

Happy Thursday!

Hi readers. Today I have a game that my teacher told me and my class about. It's really fun!

Zoom, Eek.

How to play:
Get in a big circle, arms length apart.
Say Zoom over your right shoulder and Eek over your left shoulder. Practice.
Choose one person to start.
 Say Zoom around in the circle so that everybody gets a chance to say it.
Then say Zoom or Eek!

How to get out:
Don't take too long to decide which one you want to say. This is a quick game.
Say Zoom or Eek over the wrong shoulder, you're out.
Switch Zoom to Eek or vice versa three times in a row and you'll be out.

The more people, the more fun! Try this game, then tell me the results in the comments section!

Have Fun!
Tween Blogger

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