Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tyme For Tea

Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Summer is here and I was catching up on my relaxation time! So today my mom took me to this really cute tea time place called Tyme for Tea. It's just a little Victorian style tea place. It was fun! We ordered a little set and got a scone, some savory dishes, and some desserts. Of course, there was also tea. We got Peach Passion tea. It was kinda strong for me, so I put a lot of sugar and milk. The entire place was so old fashion/high end. The teacups were different designs, and the sugar bowl and milk cup thing (you know what I'm talking about) looked exactly like what you might see on TV (if you like watching those movies that take place in old England or something). It was a really great experience. There was a big bin full of hats next to a mirror that you could try on and be silly. I took some hats and laughed at how silly I looked and took pictures. I also took some pictures of the place and food. There are some below. Check it out!

Fun Fact: Tea from old England was actually influenced by the Chinese and Japanese.

Happy Tea Time!
Tween Blogger

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hi guys!

First day of summer!!! School ended yesterday. I am so happy. I thought summer would never come! But here it is! Today I went to a barbeque and went to the library. I borrowed seven books, and I already finished one. I love reading.

I Wonder: What fun things will I do this summer?

Happy Summer!
Tween Blogger

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey readers!

Do you see my "Tween Tips" on the left column there? Right now there is a quote that I made up. I'm hoping no one already took it. So if you see a quote very similiar or the same, please comment below to tell me because I don't want to take the credit if someone else already made it up. Thanks!

I Wonder: Did I make it up all by myself? (I am seriously hopinng so.)

Happy Making Quotes!
Tween Blogger

Good Bye, Laptop

Hi guys!

I'm kinda sad cuz I had to give back my laptop. It was actually the school's, so I had to turn it in today. Right now, I'm using a different laptop at home. I'll try to blog as often as I can, which might not be too hard, because I have this laptop. But it might not be as much as during the school year because me and my mom share this laptop.

I Wonder: How often will I get to blog? (A lot, I hope!)

Tween Blogger

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rockin' Jump

Hi guys!

Yesterday (Sunday) was Sunshine Rainbow Girl's birthday party. It was at that new trampoline place called Rockin' Jump. I had so much fun! There was a main trampoline area, a basketball court, a dodgeball court, and a foam pit. I didn't really play at the basketball court, only for a short period of time. And I only did the dodgeball when it was our private game. But I really played at the foam pit. It was so much fun! I kept trying to do a flip, but always ended up doing a belly flop instead. I think I did a flip once, but it wasn't even a full, proper flip. I still had a lot of fun. Awesome party!

I Wonder: Will I get to go to Rockin' Jump again soon? (I hope so!)

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

What I Did Yesterday

Hi guys!

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. I guess I was too busy. But yesterday was a pretty fun day. Here's what happened:

My school had an 8th grade graduation. I'm not in 8th grade, but I'm in band, and the band had to play for the graduation. So I had to go. But the good thing was that a ton of my other friends were also in band, and two of my other friends chose to go and sit in the audience. So when the graduation was finished, there was food and a photo booth with silly props. I took a ton of pictures with my friends. Then we all got food. Bacon Girl was one of the girls who chose to come, since her mom was already going. After I left the graduation, I ended up going shopping at a mall with Bacon Girl! We had so much fun, and we bought clothes from Forever 21. Then we went to Claire's to buy presents for Sunshine Girl's party! We also went to Aeropostale and Icing, but we didn't buy anything there.

It was a really good day yesterday. Well, today might be even better because today is Sunshine Girl's party! Can't wait!

I Wonder: What will the party be like?

Happy Shopping!
Tween Blogger

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book #8

Hi guys!

Here's more of my book!

“Today we are going to be doing something different, class,” Mr. Flicker, our science teacher, told us, “We are going to the school gardens to observe plants. Please take your notebooks to record you observations.”
We headed out and stopped by the gate that marked the entrance to the gardens.
“Pair up!” Mr. Flicker called.
Grace and I looked at each other and said, “Partners?” 
We laughed a bit, then went off to explore the area. I examined a few flowers, jotted it down in my notebook, then looked up to find Grace pointing at someone. 
“Check it out,” she said, “That’s Fredrick Villisana. He’s the nerdiest guy in school. I heard that he’s got no friends, but also a perfect GPA.”
Fredrick Villisana was wearing slacks, a green turtleneck (even though it was pretty hot outside), and round, chunky glasses. All the things you usually see on a nerd.
“What’s he doing with Zillia?” I asked, watching the two drag along. Well, Zillia was dragging. Fredrick was bouncing around her, racing to pretty much every plant.
“Only groups of two are allowed, remember? So I guess Calia chose Stacy instead,” Grace shook her head, “Poor Zillia. Calia’s just not worth it.”
We worked a little longer, until Mr. Flicker blew his whistle to signal the end of class. Everyone gathered back at the classroom to get their stuff and left. I did the same, only I didn’t notice my notebook, still sitting on my desk when I left.

Hope you liked it!

I Wonder: How old will I be when I finally finish this?

Happy Reading!
Tween Blogger

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hey guys!

Have you heard of the new movie "Maleficent"? It came out on May 30. And guess what? I got to watch it on May 31! The movie theater was packed! I had to sit in the very front rows, the rows where your neck has to bend back so you can see the screen. But I loved Maleficent! It is a really good movie, in my opinion. The movie is basically Sleeping Beauty, but really twisted. At first I thought it was gonna be a creepy movie because Maleficent's skin looks really pale and freaky on the front. But then my dad told me that the movie is rated PG. The movie was even funny at times. I seriously recommend it. Go watch it!

Fun Fact: Angelina Jolie starrs in "Maleficent". Her role: Maleficent. (Duh!)

Happy Movie Watching!
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