Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book #8

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Here's more of my book!

“Today we are going to be doing something different, class,” Mr. Flicker, our science teacher, told us, “We are going to the school gardens to observe plants. Please take your notebooks to record you observations.”
We headed out and stopped by the gate that marked the entrance to the gardens.
“Pair up!” Mr. Flicker called.
Grace and I looked at each other and said, “Partners?” 
We laughed a bit, then went off to explore the area. I examined a few flowers, jotted it down in my notebook, then looked up to find Grace pointing at someone. 
“Check it out,” she said, “That’s Fredrick Villisana. He’s the nerdiest guy in school. I heard that he’s got no friends, but also a perfect GPA.”
Fredrick Villisana was wearing slacks, a green turtleneck (even though it was pretty hot outside), and round, chunky glasses. All the things you usually see on a nerd.
“What’s he doing with Zillia?” I asked, watching the two drag along. Well, Zillia was dragging. Fredrick was bouncing around her, racing to pretty much every plant.
“Only groups of two are allowed, remember? So I guess Calia chose Stacy instead,” Grace shook her head, “Poor Zillia. Calia’s just not worth it.”
We worked a little longer, until Mr. Flicker blew his whistle to signal the end of class. Everyone gathered back at the classroom to get their stuff and left. I did the same, only I didn’t notice my notebook, still sitting on my desk when I left.

Hope you liked it!

I Wonder: How old will I be when I finally finish this?

Happy Reading!
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  1. how many chapters are u planning? What happens to her notebook!! Don't leave me hanging…..