Monday, June 9, 2014

Rockin' Jump

Hi guys!

Yesterday (Sunday) was Sunshine Rainbow Girl's birthday party. It was at that new trampoline place called Rockin' Jump. I had so much fun! There was a main trampoline area, a basketball court, a dodgeball court, and a foam pit. I didn't really play at the basketball court, only for a short period of time. And I only did the dodgeball when it was our private game. But I really played at the foam pit. It was so much fun! I kept trying to do a flip, but always ended up doing a belly flop instead. I think I did a flip once, but it wasn't even a full, proper flip. I still had a lot of fun. Awesome party!

I Wonder: Will I get to go to Rockin' Jump again soon? (I hope so!)

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