Sunday, June 8, 2014

What I Did Yesterday

Hi guys!

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. I guess I was too busy. But yesterday was a pretty fun day. Here's what happened:

My school had an 8th grade graduation. I'm not in 8th grade, but I'm in band, and the band had to play for the graduation. So I had to go. But the good thing was that a ton of my other friends were also in band, and two of my other friends chose to go and sit in the audience. So when the graduation was finished, there was food and a photo booth with silly props. I took a ton of pictures with my friends. Then we all got food. Bacon Girl was one of the girls who chose to come, since her mom was already going. After I left the graduation, I ended up going shopping at a mall with Bacon Girl! We had so much fun, and we bought clothes from Forever 21. Then we went to Claire's to buy presents for Sunshine Girl's party! We also went to Aeropostale and Icing, but we didn't buy anything there.

It was a really good day yesterday. Well, today might be even better because today is Sunshine Girl's party! Can't wait!

I Wonder: What will the party be like?

Happy Shopping!
Tween Blogger


  1. u forgot the "Rainbow" in my name :))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

  2. Sunshine Rainbow Girl. Happy now?