Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blog Ideas + A Quick Book Review

Hey guys!

I want to know what you guys want to see on my blog. That way, I know what my audience wants. So if you have an idea, just comment below. Remember, the name of the suggester will be on the post. Thanks!
So I really like historical fiction. There's this series called Dear America, and I love it. You should try it. If you live near Fremont, the Fremont Main Library has tons. There's a whole shelf! Also, another series is called the Royal Diaries. It's like Dear America, but from the view point of royalty. For example, I just read one about Marie Antoinette. Then one about Cleopatra. I really like it. Seriously, check these out!

Fun Fact: Marie Antoinette was killed because, when she was queen of France, she spent money lavishly, always buying the richest clothes and the finest foods, while the people of France were starving. Finally, they took action and captured the royal family. Only one daughter escaped. (Source: the book!)

Happy Brainstorming!
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