Saturday, January 25, 2014


Sup again!

So my school has this snack shack thing every Friday. There are 8th grade parents helping out, and there are tons of sweet stuff: brownies, cupcakes, cookies, fruit snacks, pop-tarts, Gatorade, and the occasional donut. There are also nachos and Cup-o-Noodles. It changes every week. Most stuff is a dollar or under, but some is over. For example, nachos are $1.50, but you can add extra chili and cheese for 50 cents more (I think).
Anyway, I always can't choose what to get! Usually, I just have a dollar. I may have not mentioned this before, but I have a huge sweet tooth. (What's amazing is that I've never had a cavity.) Do you guys like sweets? Answer on the poll to the right. Thanks!

Fun Fact: Apparently, ice cream was the first dessert ever made. Huh. I never knew that.

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