Monday, January 13, 2014

Saturday, Jan. 11 Adventures


So, today is about Saturday's stuff. I went to the Great Mall with my friend and my parents. I needed new sneakers, so we went to the Nike Factory Store. Took us a while to find a good pair of shoes, and they're a little big, but it was worth it. Then we went to the food court. Got a snack (hot dog on a stick, fries, lemonade, Cinnabon cinnamon rolls) then walked around a bit more. We passed Forever 21, and my friend and I wanted to check out the girls' section (not every Forever 21 has a girls' section. We got lucky 'cause this one did.) and my mom went in with us. She shopped on her own while we stayed in the section. I got two cute short-sleeved shirts that were polka-dotted and a pair of skinny sky blue jeans. Afterwards, we wanted to go to Old Navy and Gap (some of my faves!) but it was already late. Then we went back home, and my friend got picked up. I had an AWSOME day!

Fun Fact: Great Mall is located at Milpitas and has 169 stores and 29 restaurants!

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