Monday, December 30, 2013

More Stuff About Me

Hello again!

Today I'm going to tell you some more stuff about me. Here we go:
  • I'm a perfectionist in grades. I like to get A's. I'm sad over a B. (Don't laugh at me.) 
  • I have a book obsession. You probably already know this, but you might not know how serious it is.
  • I really like museums. I like history museums best. Sometimes I like science museums too if there are hands-on projects. My dream is to visit every part of the Smithsonian. 
  • I love to draw and paint. I got an easel as a Christmas present with a whiteboard, a chalkboard, and paper.
That's pretty much it for now. I'll tell you guys more if I think of some. Tell me something about yourself in the comments section. (Remember, this is a public blog, so whatever you post will be on the Internet. Don't post anything personal.)

Fun Fact: James Smithson was the founder of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

See ya!
Tween Blogger

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