Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sleepover Fun!

Wassup unicorns!

Sunshine Rainbow Girl and Stephanie already blogged about this, but I'm gonna do it again. So yestarday I went to a sleepover. Me, Diana D, Isabelle, Sunshine Rainbow Girl, and Stephanie went. The host is a girl that you guys don't know. SRG arrived first, then me and Diana D came at the same time, then Isabelle, then Stephanie. So Diana and I first went to the wrong house! Our hands were full, so we tried knocking with our feet (aka kicking the door). Some guy opened it and we were like, "Is ________ here?" The guy was like, "No, but if you have cake we'll take it." LOL right? We managed to find the right house. When everyone was there, we started eating the Bean Boozled Jelly Beans. Diana had to eat barf! Then we started prankcalling people. Our line: "Hello? In-&-Out? I want a double cheeseburger! With fries!" Of course we said more; it varied. But it was so funny. Then we did the Whisper Challenge and it got really loud cuz we were yelling. We also watched Dance Moms and Modern Family. We stayed up till 2 and woke up at around 7-ish. We basically got 5 hrs of sleep. For breakfast we had amazing waffles. Then we just played some more. The girl's mom kept wanting to take a selfie with us, so we kinda ran and hid. It was an AWESOME sleepover!

Happy Getting Crazy/Sleeping Over/Being Really Loud!
Tween Blogger

PS: When I got home, I took a 2 hour nap. Now I'm not that tired.

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