Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Field Trip

Hi guys!

Today, my middle school went to an Academy of Sciences. It was awesome. I usually don't like science, but science museums are fine cuz I actually get to see the stuff. There was an aquarium, an African exhibit, an earthquake simulator, a skulls exhibit, and some other stuff I didn't get to see cuz I didn't have time. But I still had fun. We also watched an Imax movie about the universe. It was cool. The only bad part was that there was a packet that we had to fill out. But I'm trying to be happy and a unicorn and not think about it. During the ride there and back, there was a lot of traffic. Our car was basically the last one arriving at the museum and school. Bacon Girl, Sunshine Rainbow Girl, another friend, and I were riding in the same car, and we played games in the car. It was hilarious.

BTW, remember Bacon Girl? She now has a new blog. Here's the link: http://lifeofdianad.blogspot.com/. She won't be posting on her old blog anymore. Be sure to check out this one!

Happy Learning Science!
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