Friday, May 23, 2014

School Dance: Party Time!

Hey guys!

Tonight was the school dance!!! I had a lot of fun. So, when I first got there, it was kinda awkward. My friends were there, and other people, but no one was really dancing. We just stood around and talked and ate (the food was good!). Then, after a while, some of us just started moving around, you know, getting loose and warming up. The dance was from 6:00-9:00 pm. By 7:30, we were all sweaty from dancing! There were balloons, and we started playing with them. I started chasing a few girls around, trying to hit them with a balloon! At about 8:40, we decided to play Musical Chairs. I lost. It was funny because the two girls that were competing for the last chair were trying to push each other off. There was so much laughing and shouting. When familiar songs were playing, we would all shout/sing the lyrics. By we, I mean all the girls at the dance. All the boys were sitting around and talking. The girls sometimes formed circles and just jumped and danced around. Can't wait for next year!!!

I Wonder: What will the next theme be? (This years, BTW, was Under the Sea. I don't know if I said it yet, so there it is.)

Happy Going Crazy!
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