Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book #4

Hi guys!

So, I haven't really posted my book. Truth is, I totally forgot about it until my friend reminded me. So here is more:

I sat there, bored, as Mr. Starbright talked about geometry. I wish I had Spell-Casting class, or even Wands (which I was horrible at). Humans think that fairies all have exotic classes, which we do, but we still learn the basics: math, history, science, and language arts. Just all fairy-ish. For example, for math, we’re learing how to calculate the perimeter and area of different wing types. I started to gaze off, thinking about the day. About Grace, Goldway Gang, the dodgeball game. About everything else too, really. This school, Wonder Wings High, may not be the worst school ever. I have Grace. She might be the only one, but that doesn’t matter. At least someone won’t hate me. For the rest of the period, I was spaced out, thinking. It’s amazing that I didn’t get caught. I already knew all this stuff anyway, from my old school. Finally, after thirty long minutes, it was time to go home. I packed my stuff and got into the flying school bus. At least Grace also rode the bus, so I won’t be lonely. I sat down next to her, but we didn’t really talk. I kept comparing Wonder Wings with my old school, Magic Maple High. Sure, I still missed my best friend Lily, but with Grace, I figured I would survive. As the bus pulled up at my stop, I got out and looked back. Grace did a little wave at me. I waved back. Turning toward home, I felt that my new school wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe it never will be, but I soon found out how wrong I was. 

There's another cliff hanger for you. I really need to add to my book so don't really expect more until summer starts and I can start writing again. 

I Wonder: How will my book turn out?

Thanks for Reading!
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  1. what is the chapter call. Is that person who reminded u, me? cuz i like reading it and i wish it was in book form!!!! Maybe i enjoy reading it cuz its on laptop???

  2. This chapter is called New School. Yes, the person who reminded me was you and a couple other girls.

  3. I like your Tween Tips. Good chapter. I like cliff hangers and yet I hate them. What happens next??!!!!!!!!

  4. WHhhy would u do that to me im dying gwahahhahah