Friday, May 9, 2014

Book #5

Hey readers!

I know I said that you might not see anymore of my book until summer, but apparently I had some spare time and was able to type up more. Here it is:

Chapter 2: Home
I was in my room when my older sister, Ruby, came back from cheerleading practice. Ruby was tall and blond, the kind of blond that was popular and drove boys nuts when she smiled at them. She was popular at our old school, and today I saw her moving in with crowd. Not Goldway Gang (thank goodness), but pretty close. Now that she joined the cheerleading squad, that only boosted her reputation even more. 
She peeked into my room. “Dork,” she muttered.
“Pizza Face,” I called.
Ruby just rolled her eyes and went to her room. I smiled and went back to doing homework. Three hours and two spell practices later, Mom and Dad came home. They both work at Fairie Inventions Inc. Dad made a beeline for the hover-puter, and Mom started dinner. After a while, Mom called, “Food is ready!”
Dad quickly shut off the ‘puter, and Ruby raced downstairs, while I trudged down. This was the moment I dreaded. This was the time to tell my family about my new school.

Not a lot, but I probably will have more of this chapter tomorrow or something. Hope you enjoyed it!

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