Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spirit Week

Hello again!

This week, my school is having a Spirit Week for middle school. So, here are the dates:

Monday: Favorite character (dress up as favorite character from movie, TV show, book, etc)
Tuesday: Sports Day (sports jersey, T-shirt with team, etc)
Wednesday: Backwards Day (wear shirt, pants, etc backwards and shoes on the wrong feet!)
Thursday: Tie-Dye Day (wear tie-dye stuff)
Friday: Valentine's Day! (red, white, and pink)

On Monday, I tried to do China Anne McClain, but it kind of failed. I'm also going to do Backwards Day and V-day. I don't have any sports stuff, and my mom threw out all my tie-dye shirts, like, five years ago. But I'm still excited!

I Wonder: What will other people wear on Spirit Week?

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