Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book #2

Hi-ya guys!

So here's some more of my book. I'll try to put some of it up every week sometimes twice a week. Vote on the poll. Anyways:

At lunch, I pulled out a ham and cheese sandwich with some sparkles sprinkled on. Man, I told my mom over and over again not to add sparkles! Anyway, the girl who had grinned at me came over and sat on the opposite bench. “Hi Athena. I’m Gracina, but you can call me Grace. I want to be your friend.” 
I was stunned. Not many people wanted to even be partners for a project with me, let alone be my friend. Then Grace spoke up. “You don’t look like you enjoy your lunch. Want to trade? I’ve got shimmer salad.”
It was tempting. Shimmer salad was my favorite. “Well, okay,” I replied.
We switched and started eating. After a while, Grace said, “I know it’s hard on the first day. When I got here I felt so lonely. But then I made some new friends, and it wasn’t so bad anymore.”
I nodded. “That’s exactly how I feel right now. It’s just so hard-” 
“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” a voice interrupted me.
 I turned around and saw a girl from my homeroom, Wands and Spells, and probably many other of my classes. Two other unfamiliar girls stood behind her. Grace balled up her fists. “Calia, what are you doing here?” she asked testily.
Calia smiled coldly. “That’s Goldway Gang to you. I just thought that I’d welcome the newbie, you know, since I’m the most popular fairy in school.”
“Your bragging isn’t a very welcome sight, Calia. You should leave before your new-looking shoes get some orange juice all over them.” Grace shook her carton threateningly.
 Calia laughed. “You’ve got spunk Grace, but you’re no match for me. At P.E, you and Athena better watch out. I’m gonna smash you as flat as wings.”
The other girls snickered, and Goldway Gang left. “Who’s she?” I asked.
“That’s Calia, Stacilina, and Zillia. They call themselves Goldway Gang, and they expect everyone else to do the same. They’re the popular clique. What bugs me is that even if they do something wrong, they never get in trouble.”
Because,” Grace explained,” Her dad’s the principal. And, almost all the boys are in love with her because they think that she’s so PRETTY.” 
“Wow,” I agreed,” She’s just mean.”
“Yeah. Calia isn’t the nicest or smartest girl around. But she sure is glamorous.”
We rose as the bell rang. Lunch was over. “Come on,” Grace said, “Time for P.E.”

Maybe that was a bit too much. Whatever. Comment on how you like it!

Fun Fact: I started this book when I was in 3rd grade. I wrote it on a notebook, and revised it while I was typing. Hope you enjoyed!

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