Saturday, February 15, 2014


What's up?

For me, I'm sick (as you can probably tell from the title). I've got this sore throat and I'm coughing. When it gets really bad, I wheeze a little. *Cough* Basically, this entire day, I stayed home and watched TV. Except for dinner, where I went to Red Lobster (yum). My cough started maybe last night or this morning. Either way, pray for me please!

I Wonder: How did I even get this cough?

Tween Blogger *Cough*


  1. I have a sore throat too. I'm coughing a little also. 1D girl also

  2. Hi! You might have got it from me. I gwet sick easily. As you all know.

  3. Bacon Girl, you always get sick on fun days at school!