Sunday, December 14, 2014

Church Potluck

Hi guys!

So today I had to go to a church potluck. There was soooooo much good food. After eating a ton, the youth (I'm youth BTW) went to the main sanctuary, which was dark cuz no one was using it (we were in another room. No food in the main sanctuary). Anyways, we started playing Capture the Flag in the dark. We used glowstick necklaces. It was really fun. People kinda kept getting hurt cuz they were tripping over the chairs, but I tried not to run because I just got my brace off. My arm still kinda hurts now, but I'm sure it's fine. Some adults kept peeking in and going, "Oh, that's where you guys all went!" Apparently, the adults were also playing some games. I heard from my parents that it was a lot of fun too.

Happy Playing Capture the Flag!
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