Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hawaii: Day 4 & Plane Ride

Hi guys!

I didn't have time during the rest of my trip to blog, so I'm doing it now.

Day 4: We were going to go snorkeling at this place called Anini Beach (that's where the sea turtles are), but it was too cold. Meaning, it was only 73 degrees, which is pretty cold in Hawaii. Anyway, we got there, but it started to get real windy, so we kinda just drove around to different beaches for the next 2 hours. Then, around 2:00, I think, we stopped by Anini and snorkeled 'cause it warmed up. I didn't see any turtles, but there was this huge school of fish just hanging around the bottom. All the same kind of fish! That may not sound amazing, but imagine swimming, and then seeing, a small group of fish all of a sudden swim into this huge group! There must've been hundreds! Pretty cool.

Day 5/Plane Ride: Of course, the plane ride was boring. The plane that I was on, didn't have an individual TV for each passenger. It just had one big screen. They played The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. I kinda got bored. I slept a lot too. Got home around 10:30 PM, I think. Right now, I'm typing this from the comfort of my own bed.

That is my Hawaii spring break trip! I had fun. I went swimming everyday (except day 4) and got a ton of mosquito bites. They're healing now. The weather in Hawaii is really weird. It'll rain for 5-10 min really hard, like pouring shower. And then it'll just stop and the sun'll come out. I think it's because the wind blows the clouds past this way. Then it blows it past us. Really funny the first time I saw that.

Fun  Fact: The other places I snorkeled at are Hanelei Bay and Poipu. My fave is Poipu. The place I kayaked at was Wailua River.

Happy Weekend!
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