Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hawaii: Day 1

Hey guys!

My first day in Hawaii!!! Well, actually, its my second day, but I'm going to tell you about my first day. Here's what happened:

We (my parents and me) went kayaking on this big river. My arms were really tired afterwards. We kayaked for, like, over 2 hours. And that was only one way there! When we stopped, we hiked for more than another hour. Again, only one way. There was sooooo much mud! I got super muddy! There was this long stretch of mud that was like glop. Some people just went straight through! I didn't. Then, when we stopped, there was a waterfall! That was our destination. There we had lunch, and I went swimming in the little pool under the waterfall. It was so cold! But so worth it. Then we packed up and had to hike back and kayak back. Everyone was sore by the time we got back. I got a ton of bug bites. Very itchy.

So that's what I did. Today we plan to go snorkeling. That was what I wanted to do most. Can't wait!

Fun Fact: Hawaii has lots of volcanoes. I'm on the island whose nickname is the Garden Isle. If you can guess which island I'm on, you will get a shout out at my next post!

Happy Guessing!
Tween Blogger