Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fave Songs 1

Hey guys!

I decided to have this thing called Fave Songs, and this is the first one. It's just some songs I really like. Each Fave Songs post will include a few of my favorite songs. Here are the first three:

1.) Headphones by Britt Nicole
2.) Gold by Britt Nicole
3.) All This Time by Britt Nicole

As you can see, I really like Britt Nicole's songs. These are Christian songs. Search these up, they're good. If you listen to all three, comment below on which one was your favorite.

Fun Fact: Britt Nicole was born on August 2, 1984. (Also, search up some of her other songs. They're pretty good too.)

Happy Listening!
Tween Blogger


  1. I literally listened to 15 seconds of each song and i like gold the best so far......do i get a shout out for commenting??