Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer So Far: In Taiwan

Hey guys!

Sorry again that I haven't blogged in a while. Right now, I'm in Taiwan. Leaving tomorrow, so I figured I would just tell you today. So I came to Taiwan about 3 weeks ago. It's burning over here! Spent a week with my mom's side of the family (they live in Taiwan, even cousins), and then spent some time with my dad's side of the family (grandparents live in Taiwan, cousins flew in from Iowa). My cousins names are Ellie (age 12), Henry (age 14) and Jack (age 16). With my dad's side, we went down to the southern side of Tawain. We went to Gaoshong and Kenting. At Gaoshong, we went to Eda, which is an amusement park with department store. It was fun. I went on a water ride and got soaked! But luckily, it was super hot and I dryed off. A couple days later, we rode a bus for 2 hours that took us to Kenting. I got carsick. I didn't throw up, but I kinda felt like it. Anyway, when we got there, it was gorgeous. Kenting is by the ocean, so there were a lot of water activities. I first when to the swimming pool with Ellie. It was awesome! There was even a diving board! The boys went body boarding. I heard that they were really good. The next day, I went body boarding with them. It was fun at first, but then I got tired and kept slipping off. I had a lot of fun though! When we came back, I spent another week with my mom's side of the family. We lived at my grandparent's apartment. My two cousins are Hubert (age 10) and Jessie (age 6 or 7). Since they live in Taiwain, they speak more Chinese, and I use their Chinese names more. Jessie actually chose her own English name. She loved the Jessie from Toy Story, so she chose that. Of course now she likes Elsa and Anna and Frozen, but she said that she is still Jessie. Anyway, I miss home, but this was an awesome trip. I actually come back almost every summer, so next year you might hear more!

Fun Fact: There is a really famous lighthouse at Kenting. I forgot what the name was, and I actually got to see it, so if you can find the name of the lighthouse, you'll get a shoutout.

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PS: I wrote a poem about Taiwan:

A Taiwan Summer
The air is hot and sticky, humid and warm.
Cockroaches and mosquitoes are a swarm.
Mangoes and papayas, and other tropical fruits.
All good to eat, along with bamboo shoots.

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