Monday, March 17, 2014

Outdoor Ed Fun!!!

Wassup readers!

I had a blast at Outdoor Ed! So here is what I did for each of the days. I'll try to remember the important stuff.

Monday: We got there around lunch time and got a tour of the place. Also got our roommates. I got roomed with my best friend. Almost my entire class joined the Banana Slug Club by putting a banana slug on their nose. I did it too. Just one or two kids didn't. Dinner: Hamburgers!

Tuesday: Got up and had morning class and afternoon class. We went hiking so much! That was the day we hiked most. We also put ash on our faces and ate ants that tasted like sour cream and onion chips. No joke! My roommate went home sick!!! Argh! Got a new roommate who I'm good friends with. We also went on a Night Hike and a Solo Walk. I only used my flashlight a little bit. Lunch: Make-your-own Burritos!

Wednesday: Morning and afternoon class. I think we put mud on our face this time. I forgot most of the day. Oh yeah, and some kid drank two pitchers of pink lemonade and had to go to the bathroom in the woods! Lol. At Evening Activity we had a Barn Dance. So much fun!

Thursday: Morning and afternoon class. Our guide was substituted with someone else and he ate poop! He picked it up, broke it, smelled it, then tasted it to see what animal made it! (Caution: these are trained specialists. Do not try this at home!) Just kidding! The poop was a granola bar that he planted to gross us out! We were grossed out but all laughing in the end!

Friday: Left and went to the beach. Tried to make a human pyramid and succeeded more or less. Super fun! Everyone went home except for me cuz I had a church retreat there on the weekend.

I had an awesome week! So much fun! I wish that I could go back. Sadly, it's only for sixth grade. But I had a spectacular time!

Fun Fact: We went to...(drum roll) Mission Springs! It's in Santa Cruz.

#OutdoorEd Happy Coming Home!
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