Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Certificate of Merit

Hey readers!

This upcoming Saturday is my piano evaluation, called CM (Certificate of Merit). It's very stressful. I have to play my warm-up scales, sight-read, like, 8 measures, then play 4 long and hard songs. Then after that, I got to go to my theory test. In case you don't know, theory is like piano homework. I like the theory test better because you don't have a judge watching your every move! The playing part is, yes, in front of a judge. I'm in level 6, so if I pass, I'm going to level 7 (doing the math!). I'm very stressed 'cause my songs aren't exactly good. Whatever. I'm gonna do my best!

I Wonder: Will I pass?

Happy Being Stressed Out!
Tween Blogger

PS: On top of all that, at school, I got a ton of reports to do, including Great Lives!

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