Sunday, March 2, 2014

Book #3

Hey readers!

Despite what you voted on the poll, I'm going to try to post my book about 1-3 times a week. Here's some more:

 “All right, everybody! Today’s a game of dodgeball. No flying allowed! No magic allowed!” Coach Goldstone yelled, “Use human rules. Calia and Grace, you two are captains.”
We were standing in the gym. It was a big, spacious room with basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls, and pretty much everything else related to human sports, as well as some fairy equipment, all piled up neatly in one corner. Even from across the room, I could feel cold waves coming from Calia as she eyed me. “You are going down,” she mouthed. 
The captains picked teams, and the game started. I was on Grace’s team. Just as I was about to throw a ball, the coach waved me over. I walked to him, and he asked me,”I assume you’re new, is that right?”
I shifted uncomfortably. “Ummm... yeah.”
“Do you know how to play?” he gestured at the game.
“Sure,” I answered,” I play it all the time.”
“Great! You can go back now,” Coach Goldstone nodded and turned away.
I rejoined the game with high spirits, but that quickly faded when I saw how it was going. Grace was alone with only two others. Over on Calia’s side, everybody was still there. Calia caught sight of me and pointed. “Everyone, there’s your new target! Whoever hits her first, gets to sit with Goldway Gang tomorrow at lunch. I might even talk to you!” 
Dozens of students surged forward, eager for the prize. I noticed that there were mostly boys in the front. Every single ball missed me. I guess all the boys’ aims were off due to the fact that they seemed a bit too rushed. Anyway, I picked up a ball and threw it. It caught someone square in the chest. Grumbling, he walked away. Calia looked amused. “You may have some skill, but I’m the real star. I’m athletic, pretty, gorgeous, smart, nice, and everything else in between. Here’s a little reminder.”
She launched a ball at me. I snatched it out of the air with ease. Even Calia had a surprised look. I just smiled and continued. The rest of the game was a blur. Grace’s team was increasing fast, while Calia was sitting out, watching. After about another ten or so minutes, it was time to go to math. I was then given the title Most Athletic Fairy by my teammates. 

Hope you like my book so far!

I Wonder: When will I finish this?

Happy Reading!
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