Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Friend's New Blog+Sweet Tomatoes

Hi guys!

My friend has a new blog now called Everyday Life. Be sure to check it out!

So at Sweet Tomatoes, 2 of my friends waited for me so that we could eat together (thanks guys!). We had so much fun laughing and talking and eating! I saw a few other people from my school and some of the teachers. I ate so much and was so full. There's this guy in my class and I saw him at Sweet Tomatoes, and he literally made a huge soup bowl tower of, like, 10 soup bowls. And he was the one that drank all of that! It was really funny, and he tried to deny it, but my friends and I already saw it.

Here's the link to my friend's blog:

Happy Doing Stuff!
Tween Blogger

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