Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hey guys!

So I guess Sunshine Rainbow Girl tagged me to do this. Here are my favorites!

Author: I love so many

Books: Again, too many!

Places: Tawain, Hawaii, Florida, New York

Sport to Watch: I don't watch sports (but Go Giants!)

Sport to Play: Soccor

Songs: Amnesia, All About That Bass, Shake It Off, Steal My Girl, Stay Stay Stay

Ice Cream: S'mores

Boy Bands: One Direction, 5 SOS

Girl Band: Fifth Harmony

Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Singers: Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor

Christmas Movie: Don't have one

Christmas Songs: 12 Days of Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, Winter Wonderland, and a lot more!

Animal: Bunnies

Colors: Teal,  Purple

Food: Fruit, popcorn

Dessert: Ice Cream

Drink: Sprite mixed with strawberry lemonade

Number: Don't have one

Fast Food Restaurant: In-&-Out Burger

Candy: Hershey's chocolate

Stores: Target, Old Navy, Forever 21, Claire's

I tag Stephanie to do this.

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  1. sprite mixed with strawberry lemonade??? I need to try that one day