Saturday, September 28, 2013


Here's a poem that I wrote a while back:
My Worlds
I have many different worlds, and they are all unique.
For while most people have one, I have three.
All of them are special in some kind of way.
'Cause when you're feeling down they are sure to make your day!

Nature World is beautiful with all those pretty flowers,
The sweet smelling scent and plentiful rain showers.
The clean flowing river, the comfortable sun.
Make this world great for everyone!

Next, is Candy World and it's the sweetest of them all.
For it's all about sugar down at Candy Hall.
Hug a gummy, chew a jawbreaker.
With a field of lollipops bigger than an acre!

Finally, it's Music World, where instruments take place.
The singsong notes put a smile on your face.
The air is filled with cheery songs.
It makes you want to stay for very, very long.

Now you know my worlds, now you know my themes.
I used imagination, it's all that really means.
You can do it to, I know it's in your heart.
It's a piece of you mind, it's a work of your art!

Tell me what you think in the comment's section!

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